Sunday 27 May 2018

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For HCB Social Responsability is an Investment

Hidroeléctrica de Cahora Bassa, as a producer of electricity, occupies a prominent place in implementing the plans drawn up by the Government of the Republic of Mozambique for the sector, expressed in its Five Year Programme for 2010-2014. As this document states, electricity is a factor that stimulates the socio-economic development of the country, and is thus fundamental for all sectors of society, in creating the conditions for improving the quality of life of Mozambicans and raising efficiency in carrying out economic and social activities. 

Aware of the preponderant role that we play in the growth and economic development of the country, in general, and in achieving the strategic objectives of the energy sector in particular, during the years following the return of HCB to Mozambican control, we have committed ourselves to undertaking a variety of activities with a positive impact in the social, economic and cultural fields.

Of the various activities undertaken, the following stand out:

Health Area

  • Improvement of the Health Centre, construction of an operating theatre, maternity facility and associated infrastructures in Zumbo district, Tete Province.
  • At the Songo Rural Hospital:
    • Construction of a maternity facility and a waiting house for mothers-to-be;
    • Gift of an ambulance;
    • Provision of hospital and laundry equipment;
    • Rehabilitation of the morgue;
    • Hiring medical staff to attend to the community.
  • Signing a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Health, based on support for the National Health Programme.

Education Area

  • Support for the Ministry of Education in building the Songo Higher Polytechnic Institute;
  • Construction of a student residence;
  • Signing of partnership agreements with the Eduardo Mondlane University and ISUTC in order to offer scholarships and places for apprentices;
  • Provision of computer equipment to schools in the town of Songo;
  • Construction of the Matungulo Primary School in Chitima, Tete Province.

Sports Area

  • One of the official sponsors of Moçambola;
  • One of the official sponsors of the national football team, “the Mambas”;
  • Support for the talent spotting project, FUT-21;
  • Sponsors of the HCB Sports Group and of Chingale of Tete;
  • Building of a football and athletics stadium in the town of Songo;
  • Support for the national roller hockey team.

Cultural Area

  • Official sponsor of the greatest national literary award, the José Craveirinha Literature Prize;
  • Official sponsor, in partnership with AEMO, of the Youth Competition of Traditional Tales;
  • Support for the National Song and Dance Company (CNCD);
  • Support for the National Festivals of Culture.

Social Infraestrutures

  • Building of facilities to accommodate the various Public Administration services of Cahora Bassa district;
  • Official sponsor of the Millennium Village project in Chitima.
  • Providing a supermarket for the workers and the community;
  • Expanding the electricity and water network in the peripheral neighbourhoods of Songo town;
  • Installation of the Cahora Bassa community radio;
  • Installation of strategic points for wireless Internet free of charge for community access in Songo town;
  • Construction of a Community Radio and Multimedia Centre with  computer room, library and conference hall in Zumbo district, Tete Province;
  • Construction of monuments, tarring and resealing roads and pavements in Songo town.

Based  on this philosophy of social intervention, HCB intends to continue developing its social responsibility activities, resting on sustainable, structuring projects with a social impact and which, on the one hand, make it possible to empower activities that generate income and employment, and, on the other, activities that provide communities with better conditions for access to water, health and education.  

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