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Hidroelectrica de Cahora Bassa (HCB), the largest Independent Power Producer (IPP) in Southern Africa, provides hydroelectric power to Mozambique and the Southern African Development Community (SADC). With a firm focus on regional energy security, HCB has a solid performance record, an experienced management team and an established and sustainable strategy for the future.

HCB is headquartered next to the Cahora Bassa dam, in Songo village, Tete province. The company also has a financial and commercial office in Maputo, with maintenance facilities in Chimoio.

HCB is a private company with a majority state-owned capital participation.

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HCB has announced its intention to float on the Mozambican Stock Exchange (BVM). Mozambican citizens, companies and national institutions participated in, and benefit from the company’s capital, success and future by becoming its shareholders. Backed by a strong management team, HCB will continue to comply with the highest international standards and corporate governance principles.

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HCB’s aims to be an international reference company, decisively driving the growth of the national and regional energy matrix through high-level performance and industry-leading project management.


the expansion of the country’s energy potential, competing in internal and regional markets in a sustainable and socially responsible way

HCB’s ambition is to:

  • Diversify

    its own power generation capacity

  • Efficiently manage

    the Cahora Bassa hydroelectric project in accordance with best practice and global standards



We are united in our differences, which makes us stronger. Each one of us is committed to the same goal: the positive sharing of knowledge, experiences and resources; epitomising the spirit of unity and mutual assistance

Our Principles:
Openness, Mutual Respect


Approaching all tasks with accuracy, competence, innovation and creativity, resulting in continued success

Our Principles:
Punctuality, Commitment, Efficiency, Respect, Competence, Discipline


All behaviour is guided by loyalty, responsibility, transparency, impartiality and honesty; treating our colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners in the same way we would like to be treated

Our Principles:
Transparency, Righteousness, Honesty, Impartiality


Our passion for work and our high professional standards allow our brand to transcend borders - we express personal dignity, honour and collective achievement in everyday tasks

Our Principles:
Reputation, Zeal, Prestige


We exude discipline and enthusiasm in all tasks entrusted to us, and we are accountable for our actions and outcomes as we grow and evolve as an organisation

Our Principles:
Rationalisation, Trust


We are creative and continuously explore competitive solutions, alternatives and technologies to innovate what we do

Our Principles:
Research, Continuous Improvement


The history of HCB dates back to 1956, with the exploration of the Cahora Bassa rapids in the Zambezi River. In 1969, the ZAMCO (Zambeze Consórcio Hidroeléctrico Lda) consortium was awarded the construction project and in 1975, the Cahora Bassa hydroelectric plant was officially completed. Approximately, 30 years later, the Mozambican Government acquired a 85% stake (previously 18%) in the organisation, marked by the phrase (uttered by the then President of the Republic, Armando Emílio Guebuza): “Cahora Bassa is ours.”

Explore more of HCB’s rich history below:

Cronologia - Timeline

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Our People

At HCB, our people are our biggest asset - our aim is to attract dynamic, ambitious and highly specialised employees. We focus on driving knowledge transfer and capacity building through internal recruitment, whilst also seeking and acquiring fresh new sector talent and skills from surrounding markets. Career development and training is prioritised for all staff, with employees receiving competitive remuneration packages and benefits.

For us, trust is key to facilitating cooperation, teamwork and pride (click here to find out more about the HCB values) and employee satisfaction is fundamental to quality, productivity and most of all creativity.