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Why Invest in HCB? 1. Be included in the economy

Investing in HCB will allow all Mozambicans to have an interest in one of the country’s most strategic assets, enabling all citizens to be included in the broader Mozambican economy, ultimately improving quality of life for all.

How to Invest in HCB


2. Buying shares is a form of saving

Buying shares is an alternative way of saving. You don’t receive interest as you do when you place your money in a bank account, but your savings grow when HCB pays a dividend once a year and when the share price rises. Also bear in mind that HCB’s share price may fluctuate (go up and down), which will impact the value of your shares. Because HCB is listing on the BVM, you will be able to sell your shares or buy more shares through a financial intermediary (this will depend on supply and demand).

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3. HCB is a strong company

HCB is a resilient business that consistently produces positive financial results, even during difficult economic or operational times. HCB has a strong track record of delivering shareholder returns, distributing up to 50% of its net profits to shareholders. 2011 marked the first time in the company’s history that HCB paid dividends to shareholders, continuing to do so every year since then.

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4. HCB is well managed and has strong growth prospects

HCB is the pride of Mozambique managed by an experienced management team who subscribe to robust governance structures based on international best practice. The company is a key pillar of the Mozambican economy and the regional energy mix, with a solid regional client base and growing demand for services. The company is also a recognised player in the ongoing development of Southern Africa’s energy sector

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